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Hi everyone!

We just wanted to quickly write a little update and give an explanation about why a lot of products are out of stock right now on Florissana. Up until recently Florissana was a side project for us, so we couldn't really put the amount of time in it that it needs to grow to its full potential into it. Even though that recently changed, we have relied on IT, design and yoga jobs on the side to sustain the company for now.

Then Corona happened and a lot of those extra sources of income fell away, which has made it almost impossible for us to top off all of our stock. We know how frustrating it is that you want a certain item and it keeps being out of stock. We're doing our best to slowly replenish all the brands and products. Bear with us!

If there's a specific product you're most certainly longing for, let us know, and we'll make sure to give that priority when we make our re-orders.

We're so sorry for this inconvenience, but we appreciate all your support!

Lots of love & stay safe!

Jana & Mathijs

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