Web development

At Florissana we believe it’s important to support small, animal-friendly businesses where possible. Jana and Mathijs both have master’s degrees in computer science. Jana has always had an interest in design, so we were able to create our own logo and look & feel as well. We were very fortunate to be able to create our own website and brand. However, this can be a very big cost for small businesses to invest in. That’s why we offer IT services to ethical companies in need of assistance. We can help you with your website, as well as other IT needs you might have, like setting up your mailbox. Interested in a personalized approach and an honest, affordable price? Contact us at team@florissana.com and we’ll be in touch!

Interested in the projects we’ve done outside of Florissana? We do want to note that our clients are free to make adjustments themselves after we've delivered the website, so the website as it is now might not completely resemble the way we've set it up. In all examples where we've made the website, we don't both technical set-up and design.

  • Veganova - a non-profit supporting vegans (website, logo & all other design)
  • Veganova: Vegan Yoga Day - event organized by Veganova (website)
  • Récollets - plant-based restaurant in Antwerp (website)
  • The Adiyogini - a fellow vegan yogi with an online yoga business (website)
  • Colors To Shine - stylist and natural/cruelty-free make-up artist (website & logo)
  • BE Vegan - website for the Belgian vegan society BE Vegan (website)
  • Try Vegan - website for BE Vegan and EVA's Try Vegan campaign (website)