4 Great Books About (Natural) Cosmetics

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Last week we talked to you about the importance about natural beauty. This week we're presenting 2 books that delve into this topic, in case you'd like to know more. On top of we've listed 2 of our favourite books about make-up. One that deals with make-up application, and one is about make-up history. Happy reading!

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The Nature of Beauty - Imelda Burke

The Nature of Beauty is a little different from other "natural beauty" books. It's informative, well-written and beautifully designed, without ever becoming boring. The book doesn't only go over why natural skincare is a good thing. It also delves deeper into how you should read a label, how to understand your skin and which skincare is good for your skin type, and lots of other stuff. At the end of the book, there are natural beauty swaps for mainstream, popular beauty products, which is very helpful for people who have yet to find natural dupes for current favourites. In those suggestions you will find lots of items also featured here on Florissana!

The Nature Of Beauty - Imelda Burke

This Is A Good Guide - Marieke Eyskoot

This book is a great starter for anyone interested in a more sustainable lifestyle. The book covers a wide array of topics concerning sustainability, including beauty products, but also clothing, travel, food and more. The chapter about cosmetics is a great introduction into the importance of going the more eco-friendly, natural route, without going too much into detail. The book has so many gorgeous, colourful photos and the writing is very easy-going, which makes this book a great, enjoyable read! The book is currently only available in Dutch, but the English version will come out next year.

Dit Is Een Goede Gids - Marieke Eyskoot

Facepaint - Lisa Eldridge

Ever wondered why we started wearing make-up? Me too. If you're interested in the history of it all, and what crazy ingredients we used to put on our faces, there really is only one book you should be reading. And that is Facepaint by Lisa Eldridge. She's one of the most respected and skillful make-up artists today, with a love for vintage make-up. That was the driving force behind making this book.

Facepaint - Lisa Eldridge

FaceForward - Kevyn Aucoin

An oldie, but goodie! Different from the other books is this last one as it mostly consists out of photographs. Photographs to help you with your make-up skills. With the plethora of (sometimes bad) YouTube videos out there, made by make-up enthusiasts but not professionals, it's refreshing to read a book from someone who knows everything there is to know about applying a good face of make-up.

FaceForward - Kevyn Aucoin

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